I've been called to serve on a Jury. Do I have to go?

This information applies to Scotland only

To serve on a jury for a criminal trial in Scotland you have to be aged 18. If you are aged 71 and over and you do not wish to serve on a jury in a criminal trial you can be excused. To serve on a jury for a civil trial in Scotland you have to be aged between 18 and 65. There are certain categories of people who can be excused, for example, a member of the Scottish Parliament or Westminster, a minister of religion or a full time member of the armed forces. Only fifteen people will be chosen from the much larger group that has been called. If you are not one of the exempted groups and you are selected, in most cases, you will have to serve on the jury. It is not usually a good enough reason to be excused to say that you are 'too busy' at work.

A person who has served on a jury can claim expenses for lost salary, child care, dependent adult care and travel. There is a maximum daily amount payable.

For more information, see Jury service.

Moira Tasker