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Thank you for taking the time to apply for one of our voluntary positions. We are not always able to respond to you immediately, but will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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We request contact information so we may get in touch with information or updates on the progress of your application with Citizens Advice Edinburgh.
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Please let us know as much about you as you can - so we can find the best place for you.
We have multiple volunteer roles, for example Advisor, Receptionist, Administrator, Fundraiser, IT Support.
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We ask this for insurance purposes as we are not insured to offer some roles to people under 18.
No formal qualifications are required to be a volunteer, but we are interested in any education you have undertaken and work experience carried out over the last few years. Caring for family members, other types of voluntary work or being unemployed can also bring useful experience.
Please tell us about any relevant skills and training courses you have or have attended attended. Some examples could be dealing with the public, using a computer, filing, or having a second language.
Please tell us what interests you have, leisure activities, community or voluntary interests. Please also tell us anything else you would like to tell us about yourself.
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Please tell us when you are available throughout the week to volunteer with us. Please note we have some availability for evening reception roles, and limited home working roles e.g. fundraising. We do not currently have opportunities which will permit weekend working.
Prior to volunteering at CAE we need two satisfactory references. Please enter the Title, Name, Address, Email Address, and Relationship to you for each referee.
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Equal Opportunity Monitoring Form
Equal Opportunity Monitoring Form Citizens Advice Edinburgh aims to be an equal opportunities organisation. In order to monitor the effectiveness of our policy we ask that you spare a couple of minutes to fill in the questionnaire. However you are not obliged to fill it out and we assure you that it will be treated in strictest confidence. It will not affect our selection procedure in any way. Please leave blank if you prefer not to answer
Ethnic Origin
Do you consider that you have a disability?
Thank you for taking the time to apply to volunteer with Citizens advice edinburgh. in order to improve our application process we would appreciate any feedback you have regarding this form.
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