Citizens Advice Edinburgh

Gorgie/Dalry Bureau Opportunities


Potential Availability on any:

  • Monday Morning
  • Tuesday Morning and Afternoon
  • Wednesday Morning and Afternoon
  • Thursday Afternoon

Responsible to:

Bureau Manager, Gorgie/Dalry Bureau

Role Description:

To assist the Receptionist by:

1. Admitting and greeting clients

2. Letting Advisers know their clients have arrived

3. Delivering documents to and from the first floor (mezzanine level)

4. Checking and replenishing Reception forms and stationery

5. Photocopying

6. Checking for out of date posters/leaflets

7. Going to Post Office

8. Checking interview rooms at the end of each session

9. Covering for the Receptionist while s/he is away from the Reception desk

10. Any other duties which the Manager may deem necessary to the smooth running of Reception.