Can you help yourself?

You may be able to find the information you need by checking the information available online on the  AdviceGuide website.


Looking For Advice?

Our five bureaux offer a one-stop shop where you can access information, advice and practical support on one issue or several subjects. 

All advice is: 

  • Free

  • Confidential

  • Impartial

  • Independent

Advice is also available at outreach locations such as GP's Surgeries and community centres, by telephone or via home visits.

For information on these additional services - which may be closer to where you live or work - please explore Our Outreach Services menu. 

Our information leaflet also lists all our services, locations, opening times and contact details in one place - here.

What issues can we help you with?

The main areas of advice include (but are not restricted to):

  • Your Money - Debt, Employment, Benefits, Tax

  • Your Family - Family, Health, Housing, Education

  • Your Daily Life - Communications, Consumer Affairs, Travel

  • Your Rights - Civil Rights, Immigration, Legal Rights and Responsibilities

For more information on what we can do, you can also watch our video 'What we can help with? '

How do we help?

We can...

  • speak to you face-to-face or by phone to find out what the problem or problems are

  • access our regularly updated information systems for up to the minute information

  • help you negotiate with companies or service providers such as creditors or to appeal against decisions

  • help you write letters and/or phone companies and service providers on your behalf

  • help you prioritise your problems, for example, to sort out which debts are most important and should be paid first

  • help you with form filling, for example, to claim for welfare benefits

  • refer you to CAE specialist caseworkers for complex problems or to other agencies when appropriate.


Our Bureaux

Citizens Advice Edinburgh runs five main bureaux and 23 outreach points around Edinburgh. Contact information, location maps and opening times are available by clicking on the links below.


Please consider viewing our information on What To Bring before your visit.

  • You can also watch a film about a typical client interview here.


Outreach Services

GP Surgeries

Service is for registered patients of the practice only.

Specialist Outreach Services


What To Bring


When you visit us for advice it is vital that the adviser who deals with your problem has as much information about your case as possible. 

Here are the details of what you may need to bring with you:

Debt/Money Problems

Details of your income (wage slips, benefit & tax credit award letters, pensions etc.)
Details of all those that you owe money to (creditors) and recent letters from them
Copies of original loan agreements, where available
Copies of any Court papers
Details of household expenditure/bills (food, utilities, etc)
Recent bank statements

Housing Problems

Tenancy agreement/letters from your landlord (for rented accommodation)
Mortgage details (if applicable)
Title deeds (for owner occupiers)
Proof of income
Wage slips/benefit/tax credit/details

Employment Problems

Employment contract
Details of any disciplinary/grievance/dismissal issues
Any recent letters from employers
Staff handbook
Copies of employment tribunal applications (if relevant)
Proof of income
Wage Slips/benefit/tax credit/details

Consumer Problems

Full details of the goods or services causing the problem
Copies of any contracts/credit agreements
Any recent letters in connection with the problem
Proof of purchase
Proof of income
Wage slips/benefit/tax credit/details

Immigration/Asylum Problems

All letters from Home Office
Passport (if applicable), details of any visas or permits
Proof of income/NASS support
Wage slips/benefit/tax/credit/details

Family and Personal Issues

Any paperwork/letters relating to the issue
Copies of original agreements
Proof of income
Wage Slips/benefit/tax credit/details

Welfare Benefit Issues

All letters from Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
Decision letters that you are not happy with or wish to challenge – this is essential
Proof of income: wage slips/benefit/tax credit/details
Bank Statement (latest copy)
Details of any savings
Tenancy Agreement/Mortgage details

Welfare Benefit Check

If you would like us to check that you are receiving the benefits and tax credits to which you are entitled, please bring the following information for everyone living in your home.

  • Dates of birth

  • Employment status (employed or self employed)

  • Number of hours worked

  • Gross income from employment for last tax year – April 6 to April5 (A P60 form will provide this or if self employed, last year’s accounts)

  • Gross income for this year. Payslip is preferred. Estimate if self employed

  • If you are receiving benefits at present, please bring all the benefit award letters

  • Child care costs. Please bring something to show that the carer is fully approved along with how much you pay them.

  • Investment income. Details of investments and latest interest payments. Bank statements may be the best way to show this.

  • Rental agreement or current mortgage repayment

  • Council tax bill

Other Problems

Any paperwork/letters/correspondence relating to the issue