Mediation Service

CAE runs a Mediation Service at Edinburgh Sheriff Court. 

Mediation is free to Simple Procedure cases (formerly Small Claims and Summary Cause).

Mediation is a voluntary form of dispute resolution where both parties must agree to attend.

You can self-refer your case to mediation prior to the first calling date, or the case may be referred at a later date by a Sheriff.

How can the Mediation Service help me?

Mediation can:

•    Assist you to resolve your dispute with the other party, with the help of trained mediators
•    Assist you to come to an agreement with the other party, which could save you both money and further time spent in court
•    Help you to remain in control of the outcome of your case, rather than a Sheriff ordering you what to do


To access the Mediation Service, please contact our Mediation Service Team.

The service leaflet is available here.