In Court Advice Service

Citizens Advice Edinburgh runs an In Court Advice Service based at Edinburgh Sheriff Court. 

How can the In Court Advice Service help me?

Court action can be a lengthy, expensive and confusing process. We are a free, confidential, impartial and independent service. 

We can:

  •  If appropriate, assist you to resolve matters without the need for court action
  • Guide you through the Court process for Simple Procedure - formerly Small Claims and Summary Cause cases and Time to Pay applications, by;
    • Helping you to complete Simple Procedure forms
    • Explaining legal terms
    • Helping you to prepare and present your case
    • Representing you in Court (in exceptional circumstances)
  • For other matters, such as debt or housing, we will refer or signpost you as appropriate.

To access the In Court Advice Service, please contact the In Court Advice Service Team.

Please note that the service is currently using a temporary phone number:

0131 510 5510 (ext 1037)

The service leaflet is available here.