In debt and struggling?

In 2015 we helped 3,156 people manage their debts, resulting in these clients and their families being better off by £1,307,415.

At CAE, our money advisers:

Citizens Advice Edinburgh Debt Advice
  • Provide free, independent and confidential advice and assistance on a range of money and debt matters

  • Offer specialist advice if you are struggling to pay your rent, mortgage, council tax, fuel bills and/or other debts

  • Negotiate with lenders on your behalf to organise repayment arrangements

  • Offer benefits checks and and help with maximising your income

  • Advise on budgeting for the future.

The earlier you contact us for help the more we can do to help you improve your situation.

If you're struggling with your finances please make an appointment or drop in to see an adviser at one of our bureaux.

If you can complete the debt pack first (see the link below) and bring this with you it will help us to help you more quickly.

If you need help with completing the pack we can help you with it at your first visit - but you will need to bring some information and paperwork with you. Please see the debt section in our What to Bring page.