Universal Credit Support - Help to Claim

Universal Credit is the fastest growing advice area for the Citizens Advice network in Scotland. Since the roll out began we’ve helped thousands of people with Universal Credit issues.

The majority of people who come to us for help with Universal Credit need help in making their initial claim. We’ve designed a new service which meets this need and it will be available in Scotland from April 2019. Citizens Advice (England and Wales) will deliver a parallel service in south of the border.

How can we help?


Step 1: Multi-Channel ‘no wrong door’ access

Our service will be available, face-to-face, over the phone and online through webchat and online content - to allow clients to access support in the way that’s right for them. They can be sign-posted or referred by other support agencies or self-refer.


Step 2: Individual needs assessment

However clients come into our service we’ll start by assessing their individual needs to make sure they can get access to the right level of support in the way that’s right for them.

Step 3: Support to start a Universal Credit claim


Step 4: Completing claim and getting ready for first payment

Depending on level of need, these might include help to:

  • Check whether a client should be applying for Universal Credit

  • Set up on email address or Universal Credit account and work through claim to-dos

  • Access Universal Credit phone claim service or DWP home visit support

  • Verify their identity, or provide additional evidence

  • Prepare for practicalities of a monthly payment, or apply for additional financial support

  • Access adaptations such as direct payments to landlords and conditionality easements

Step 5: Access to longer term support

Our help to claim service supports clients to make their initial Universal Credit claim. We can also support them with other issues in their lives by signposting or referring clients to other services - within the Citizens Advice network or through other organisations.

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