AGM Minutes 2018


Minutes of the Eleventh Annual General Meeting of Citizens Advice Edinburgh (CAE) held at RBS Business School, 175 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh at 10 am on Friday 9th November 2018

Present: Dorothy Kellas(Chair), Margery Naylor (Vice Chair), Jim Fish (Treasurer), Niall Campbell(Company Secretary),  Benjamin Napier (Chief Executive), Howard Wollman, Fred Guy,  David Hart, Barbara Swann,  Mark Carter, Calum Lamont, Joanne Seagrave, Rae Goode, Patrick Tyler, Sheila Gilmour, Saleem Shafi, Rosie Mears, Annabel Heward, Dave Sorensen, Jane Clee, Patrick Tyler, Shona Wilson, Helen Roy, Christine Boch, John Finch, Cathy Albeson, Iain Waugh, Barbara Swan, Jan Gatenby, John Sturt, Margaret Hinstridge, Penny Hext, Rosie Wilson, Alan Frith, Fiona Wright, Jane Peacock, Jean Laing, Mark Thompson, Pippa Lockhart, Ruth Law, Shaina Gabi, Christine Shepherd, Richard Arnott, Rosanne Brown, Sheila Simpson, Sigita Danil, Susan Brown, Witold Miedzybrodzki, Peter Freeland, David Wilkinson, Fiona Hird, Hazel Bett, Joanne Porter, Liz Falconer, Wioleta Trzcinska, Eilidh McIver, Rachael Frith, Catriona Grindlay, Agnes Robson.


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The Chair welcomed all those present to the meeting

Minutes of Tenth Annual General Meeting held on Friday 10th November 2017

The minutes of the AGM held on 10th November 2017, which had been circulated, were approved.

Chair’s Report

The Chair recalled that she had taken over as Chair a year ago at  the 2017 AGM. At that AGM the Board had welcomed 6 new members: Rae Goode, Sheila Gilmore and Saleem Shafi (volunteer members) and Elspeth Dalgleish, Joanne Seagrave  and Ben Carter  (non-volunteer  members).  Three others Board members:  Fred Guy, Chris Maguire and the Deputy Chair Margery Naylor, having served a three year term, were standing for  re-election for a further three year term at the AGM.  The remaining board members were: Owen Kelly, David Hart, Calum Lamont and CAE’s Treasurer, Jim Fish. All of the Board members had contributed hugely over the year and there was a welcome array of talent available through them.  The Chair thanked them warmly.

The Chair reported that the main issues discussed by the Board over the past year had been:

·         CAE’s Strategy, which was circulated at the start of the year

·         CAE’s new safeguarding and whistleblowing policy

·         General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

·         Accommodation for the Pilton Bureau

·          The dinner to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of Citizens Advice in Edinburgh (to be held early in 2019)

·         Funding and, in particular, the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) tender, which had been submitted and on which it was hoped to have a response in December.

The Chair pointed out that one of the main aims of CAE’s strategy was to have its finances in balance and the Chair was pleased to say that was achieved in 2017/18.  The forecast for the current year was positive too. This financial stability had not happened by accident and had involved a lot of hard work by the Chief Executive and the Management Team.  CAE needed a stable financial base to support its strategy and to develop its service.  Whilst there was no doubt that the CEC tender was crucial, it was by no means the only issue CAE had had to focus on in the year. All these issues made major demands and CAE was very fortunate to have such an energetic and effective Chief Executive as Benjamin Napier  at the helm. The Chair thanked him very warmly.

The aim of the Board in 2019 was to keep things steady to allow CAE to do the job which it did so marvelously.  Every member of the Board was very appreciative of the skills and dedication of the management, staff and volunteers.  What the volunteers managed to achieve each year was nothing short of miraculous and made a huge difference to the people of Edinburgh.  She thanked them all very warmly.

Presentation and adoption of the Report and Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018.

The Treasurer, Jim Fish, presented the accounts for 2017-18. He reported that CAE had finished the 2017-18 Financial Year with a financial surplus of £9,435. Both income and expenditure had fallen with a decrease in project income and the CEC Grant. Free reserves stood at £26,000 and the Board’s aim continued to be to have free reserves equal to three months’ running costs. As far as the 2018-19 Financial Year was concerned, a deficit was forecast but depending on the outcome of the grant application to the City of Edinburgh Council, there was a good chance of breaking even. The Treasurer expressed his special thanks to Cathy Albeson, the Finance Manager, for managing the finances of CAE so efficiently.


The Treasurer said that the Accounts had been approved by the Auditor, the Finance Committee and the Board. He sought the approval of the Annual General Meeting to adopt the Accounts for 2017-18.  The AGM gave its approval.     


Elections to the Board


The Company Secretary reported that, in terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, any Directors who had served for three years had to resign but might offer themselves for re-election. There were three  Directors in this position: Margery Naylor, Chris Maguire and Fred Guy. All were offering themselves for re-election. The Company Secretary invited the AGM to agree to proceed by way of a Resolution to re- elect all three to the Board. The AGM agreed on a show of hands. The Company Secretary then moved the following Resolution:

“That this AGM resolves to re-elect to the Board of Citizens Advice Edinburgh Margery Naylor, Chris Maguire and Fred Guy.”

The Resolution was approved on a show of hands and all three were re-elected to the Board.


Any other business

There was no other business.

 The Chair then closed the meeting with thanks to RBS for providing the premises for the AGM and a buffet lunch as part of the arrangements for the staff and volunteers conference which was to follow the AGM.

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