'Scams: All Shapes and Sizes'

Just Go! Citizens Advice Edinburgh's Scams Fight Back!

Phone, online, postal or doorstep. The young, the old and the in-between. Scams come in all shapes and sizes, and affect everyone. This July, Citizens Advice Edinburgh is helping the capital's locals to spot scams and spread the word through their ‘Scams: All Shapes and Sizes’ campaign.

Throughout Scams Awareness Month 2015, we are urging people to 'end the call, trash the email, rip-up the letter and close the door'. The drive is backed by Police Scotland, Trading Standards, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and Scottish Water. 

"The victims of scams, who come from all walks of life, shouldn't feel daft," says Citizens Advice Edinburgh. "These are often intricate schemes which mould to the conditions of the day. This year, we expect to see scams linked to the new opening-up of the pension system, for instance. But we want to help people empower themselves. Scammers don't care about their victims' feelings, and members of the public shouldn't be afraid to reject the call and shut the door. We should feel like we can talk about the scams we've heard about - a good old fashioned case of spreading the word, but perhaps via social media and other means."

Anyone who wants to report a scam, or suspects one, can pop into one of our five Bureaux in Edinburgh located in Leith, Portobello. Gorgie, Pilton and Dundas Street, and scams can also be to the Citizens Advice consumer service (phone: 03454 04 05 06) or to Action Fraud (phone:0300 123 2040). We also have leaflets and stickers to take away. 

Notes for Editors:
Website: www.cas.org.uk/stopscams
Hashtags: #stopscams and #allshapesandsizes


Moira Tasker