Annual Review 2014 - 2015

Just in time for the new year, you can now find our most recent annual review online.

Callum Ogden

From today you will be able to find a copy of our most recent annual report, as well as our review and audited accounts, online. In fact we went one step further and set up a convenient page where you will always be able to find the most up to date version of our reports - we call it the "annual report" page, it's a catchy title we're sure you will agree.

Citizens Advice Edinburgh Reviews and Reports

2015 has been a year with a lot of changes, and a lot of opportunities for Citizens Advice Edinburgh. We continue to see increasing demand for our services resulting in us providing advice to thousands of clients every month in Edinburgh. This increasing demand has required us to train additional advisers through our twice yearly Adviser Training Programme; so much so for the first time in our 75 year history we are approaching having nearly 300 dedicated volunteers carrying out a range of roles within our five bureaus in order to meet demand we receive for advice and information.

The range of issues we continue to advise on likewise is very broad, though with an emphasis on Benefits advice and Debt advice as our two most commonly seen queries. Our recent blog article on the Impact of Personal Independence Payments for example highlights some of the issues our clients are having to tackle as a result of the current governments welfare reform agenda.

Looking forward to 2016, we expect to see the trends and concerns we have seen in 2015 continue and very much look forward to tackling the challenges and opportunities presented to us every day. We remain motivated by the results we produce and the feedback and receive from clients - "helping solve problems and transform lives" is at the center of what we do, and will remain so going forward with the support of our amazing volunteers and staff.

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