Doors Open Days @ Edinburgh Sheriff Court - 27th & 28th Sept

This weekend, during Doors Open Day, a wide variety of interesting Edinburgh institutions will be allowing the public access inside their buildings.  Between 9.30am - 4pm on Saturday and 9.30am - 4.30pm on Sunday, Edinburgh Sheriff Court will open its doors, offering a peek inside the justice system.  Staff from our In-Court Advice Service will be on hand on Saturday to explain about the range of assistance available from this project and from our Mediation Service.  Why not come along...?

Edinburgh Sheriff Court, 27 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LB

Edinburgh Sheriff Court is a modern building which opened to the public in September 1994. It is the largest of the Courts within Lothian and Borders serving a population of approximately 450,000 and after Glasgow, the second busiest Court in Scotland. It houses 16 courtrooms, a cell area and administrative offices. Interactive events are offered: tours of courts, cells, G4S vans, speed camera vehicles, exhibitions by justice focused organisations and mock trials will be run throughout the day.

ACTIVITIES: guided tours, lectures/talks, information leaflets/notes, re-enactments/performances, behind the scenes access, visual displays, architectural models, stewards/volunteers at key points.

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Mark Carter