Free Workshops on Employment Law for Small to Medium Employers (SMEs)

Citizens Advice Edinburgh, in partnership with Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and Business Gateway, are running a series of free, practical workshops on employment law for Small to Medium Employers.

If you would like to take part, gain new skills to manage staff effectively and protect your business please sign up via the following links:

Basic workshop: This May 10th morning session will give a full overview of the basic skills needed to hire and manage staff effectively day-to-day.

Advanced workshop: This May 31st morning session will provide a sound overview of long-term employment practice, to help you manage complex employment problems fairly and effectively.

These are free events in exchange for participants' feedback on the day and after 6 months for Citizens Advice Edinburgh to find out how the training has helped each business.

For further information, please contact Michelle Craig, Edinburgh Citizens Advice Employment Specialist and Project Training Co-Ordinator:

These workshops will take place at the Chamber of Commerce, 40 George Street, EH2 2LE.

Posted on March 9, 2018 .

***Bureaux Opening Update***

Gorgie, Leith, Pilton and Portobello will be closed for the remainder of today.

Dundas bureau is open as usual.

Please DO NOT contact Dundas bureau about appointments at our other offices.

Please check back here for updated information.

Posted on March 1, 2018 .

***Weather Conditions 01/03/18***

Due to the extreme weather conditions, all our services are closed today until 12 noon.

Please keep checking this website for updated information.




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Volunteer Open Day

Would you be interested in volunteering with Citizens Advice Edinburgh? 

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our charity, 90% of Citizens Advice Edinburgh workers are trained volunteers.

On Saturday 10th March from 10am to 2pm we are having an Open Day at our Leith branch on Dalmeny Street. Come and meet us and find out what we do and what you can do to help us help others.

Our Open Days offer an opportunity for people to meet some of the staff and volunteers and learn more about our work. It is particularly valuable for people interested in training to become a volunteer adviser, though you will also have the opportunity to learn the various other volunteer opportunities we can offer.

Whether you are interested in training to become a volunteer adviser or volunteering some regular time to help with administrative, information, reception, social policy or IT and computer maintenance work we recommend you come along on the 10th of March.

The next Adviser Training Programme starts on April 17th 2018. Our Generalist Adviser Training Programme (ATP) runs on every Tuesday for 10 weeks, and is a formal training programme which covers the main topic areas dealt with by advisers such as benefits, money advice, housing, employment, relationships and immigration.


Posted on February 21, 2018 .

Experienced Fundraiser Required

Citizens Advice Edinburgh are seeking the pro-bono support of an experienced fundraiser to help us with Trust and Grant Applications.

This is an ideal opportunity for someone looking to apply their knowledge and expertise in supporting a valued local independent charity. 

Applicants need to have a proven track record in securing trust and grant funding and be able to work independently in analysing data and understanding how our services meet funding criteria. 

Our team of 180 dedicated local volunteers support over 13,000 local residents every year, helping to ensure access to welfare entitlement, managing debt and reducing financial exclusion, upholding employment and consumer law and ensuring that no one suffers through a lack of knowledge or information about their human rights. 

If you want to be part of this fantastic organisation and make a valued contribution to your local community, please get in touch with our CEO Benjamin Napier via

Posted on February 9, 2018 .

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a relatively new welfare benefit designed to replace a number of existing benefits with one single payment, with the idea of making access to social security payments less complicated.

Citizens Advice generally supports the principles behind Universal Credit. Simplifying access to benefits for those who need them is important.

But there are evidently serious design and delivery problems which risk leaving many people without the support they need, pushing them into debt and leaving them unable to make ends meet.

There is a long wait for payments, six weeks at least from initial claim until payment. And it is paid in arrears. This can leave some people without money for bills, or even for food.

Many people are finding the system very complicated. It is a digital claiming system, claimants must apply online and many people needing to make a claim for the unemployment or sickness elements of Universal Credit may well have already been out of work or ill for some time and thus have little or no money. They might have no IT access, no home broadband or computer. They may also have no PC skills, might have poor literacy or numeracy skills. Not everyone owns a smartphone. Some claimants might not have the necessary documents, a passport for example.

Citizens Advice Bureaux are uniquely placed to see how changes in welfare benefits like Universal Credit affect people. East Lothian was one of the first Scottish Local Authorities to implement full service Universal Credit. At the beginning of this year Citizens Advice bureaux in Musselburgh and Haddington conducted a survey to compare Universal Credit benefit entitlements with legacy benefits.

Their research showed that the most adversely affected were lone parents and claimants with disabilities. Nearly a fifth of claimants had to wait two months for their first payment and rent arrears for East Lothian council properties increased by almost 30% since the introduction of Universal Credit. Other bureaux in Scotland reported a huge increase in Crisis Grant applications and people seeking advice about access to food banks.

For too many people, a system that is intended to support them through difficult times, is making their situation much worse. Families are falling into debt and rent arrears and having to turn to foodbanks just to survive.”

                        -  Citizens Advice Scotland Chair, Rory Mair


We continue to pressure policy-makers and have called for a pause in the accelerated roll-out of Universal Credit, so that these problems can be fixed before more families find themselves in some kind of crisis.

Although Universal Credit remains reserved to the UK Government, the Scottish Government has some administrative powers to change payment arrangements and have implemented the Scottish Flexibilities – new claimants can ask for the ‘housing’ element of their Universal Credit to be paid direct to their landlord (for tenants in the private rented sector as well as those in social housing) and the rest paid fortnightly instead of monthly.


Citizens Advice Edinburgh can offer advice, information and a free benefits check in relation to all types of benefit. We can also assist with benefits appeals.


Posted on November 3, 2017 .