Volunteer Opportunity: Telephone appointment assistant

We require a Monday afternoon telephone appointment assistant for our Dundas Street bureau.

 (Initially, in order to receive training during other sessions, a degree of flexibility would be helpful)

Specific tasks:

·         Answering our busy appointments line

·         Managing clients’ waiting time and expectations

·         Making appointments with generalist and specialist advisers on our appointment system

·         Taking messages for staff and specialists

·         Other administrative duties


Skills required:

·         Good customer facing communication skills

·         Attention to detail and organisational skills

·         Ability to work under pressure in a very busy environment, remaining calm

·         Ability to work independently as well as part of a team

·         A sympathetic and friendly manner

Please apply via the online application form here.

Posted on July 11, 2018 .

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Posted on June 15, 2018 .

Scams Awareness Month.

Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Derek Mitchell on the launch of our Scams Awareness Month.

(This column first appeared in the Sunday Herald online on 03 June 2018)

If somebody came up to you in the street and stole £100 from your pocket, you wouldn’t just let them walk away with it. You’d be outraged, and you’d call the police.  So why do so many of us let people get away with it when their theft is perpetrated online, or over the phone, or even on our own doorstep?

Because that’s what a scam is. It is an attempt to steal money from you by deception. In other words, it is fraud. Or to put it simpler still – it is theft. And it needs to be treated as such.

The aim of our Scams Awareness Month is not just to tell people to be vigilant and avoid scams, it also stresses the importance of reporting them when they do happen.

Because reporting a scam not only allows the authorities to try and get your money back, it should also help them stop that scammer from doing the same thing to someone else.

When we at Citizens Advice Scotland first ran this campaign in 2012, our research showed that 50% of Scots had been targeted by a scam but only 5% were inclined to report it. Today the figure for reporting scams is now up to nearer 15%. Last year saw a 24% increase in the reporting of scams across the Scottish CAB network.  

So the good news is that the message is getting through to people. But we can’t be complacent. We need that figure to be much higher. And crucially, we need to convince people that reporting scams will lead to action.

With scammers becoming ever more sophisticated, the fight against them must be a broad front involving consumer groups like CAS and Trading Standards, as well as the police, industry regulators and even governments.  We are already working together but we need to make sure we do so even more closely.

After all, scammers themselves are always upping their game, using more and more channels and even sharing information with each other. So those of us who want to stop them need to do the same.

Scams don’t just cause financial harm and emotional distress to individuals. They also cost the UK economy an estimated £190bn a year - equal to around £10,000 per family.  So this is a national problem that needs national action.

Imagine a public that is energised to spot and report scams, and a network of authorities working together with a dedicated action plan to defeat them: that’s the scammer’s worst nightmare.

And that’s the place we need to get to. So it’s time for all of us to step up. We at CAS are up for that. We hope others are too. 

Posted on June 13, 2018 .

**Public Holiday Closing**

Please take note, all Edinburgh Citizens Advice bureaux will be CLOSED MONDAY on MAY 21ST.


Usual opening times will resume from Tuesday.

Please click here or see our website for normal bureau services, addresses and operating times.


Posted on May 18, 2018 .

Part-Time Employment Opportunity: Welfare Rights and Health Project Adviser

We are seeking a Welfare Rights and Health Project Adviser to join us.

This post is based at Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary Hospital and Western General Hospital where Citizens Advice Edinburgh works in partnership with the NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service to deliver an outreach advice service for patients, visitors and staff attending the acute sector.

Applicants will ideally be experienced in giving advice, particularly in relation to welfare benefits, and should have a good understanding of such a role within the healthcare environment as well as of the impact of poverty on health.

Please click here where a Job Information Pack and Application Form can be downloaded.

Posted on May 11, 2018 .


Please be aware that all Edinburgh Citizens Advice bureaux will be CLOSED on MONDAY 7TH MAY.

Normal services and opening times will resume Tuesday 8th May.

As a helpful point of reference, our bureaux public holiday closing times coincide with Edinburgh City Council bank holiday closing times. If they are closed then our bureaux will likely be closed too.

For an information sheet with a list of opening times and contact details please click here.

Posted on May 2, 2018 .

Part-Time EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Mediation Service Administrator

The Mediation Service is part of Edinburgh Citizens Advice In-Court Advice Service based at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

We are seeking a part-time Mediation Service Administrator to join us to provide administrative support to the Mediation Coordinator. 

The role principally involves scanning, photo copying, data entry and preparing client files, is based at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Chambers Street, with a flexible working pattern of 14 hours per week (2 days a week).

Please see our Employment Opportunities page for a job information pack and application form.

We are also seeking Volunteer Money Advice Admin Assistants and a Telephone Appointment Assistant. Please apply through the online application forms.



Posted on April 25, 2018 .